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Permanent Cosmetics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, also called permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, and dermal pigmentation, refer to the process of tattooing pigment into the second (dermal) layer of the skin. Tattooing is a permanent process, hence the term permanent cosmetics.

Why Consider Permanent Cosmetics?

There are many reasons to consider permanent cosmetic services, but most importantly, it restores color and definition to absent or sparse eyebrows, softly defines or dramatically accents eyes, and enhances the color and shape of lips. Permanent cosmetics help achieve a finished appearance for timeless, effortless beauty.

Are the Procedures Safe?

Permanent cosmetics have been safely applied throughout the ages in the quest for beauty. These procedures offer a safe and smudge-proof alternative to topically applied makeup products. Single-use and sterile products are used for each procedure and then appropriately discarded. 


Eyebrows frame the face and provide definition for other facial features. Sparse or barely visible eyebrows can be restored or enhanced with the application of permanent cosmetics. Techniques can vary from a softly powdered appearance to more definitive color, or even individual hair strokes. The final result - brows that are perfectly shaped and in place all day, everyday. 


The eyes have been referred to as the windows to the soul. Permanent cosmetics can be applied for definition of the eyes that will remain unaffected  by tears or allergies. A soft natural look can be achieved through a lash enhancement. A more defined eyeliner look can be obtained with a medium or thicker pigment placement. The final results will be eyeliner that remains perfect from morning to night.


Permanent cosmetics is the answer for lip definition, shape enhancement, and color that always stays in place. Choices include lip liner, lip shading to achieve a fuller appearance, or fully colored lips to replace pale or undesirable natural coloring. The beauty of permanent lip tattooing is that it becomes your new "natural" with traditional makeup, confident that when the lip-stick is gone, the permanent cosmetic lip color will still be perfectly in place.

Is it Really Permanent?

Permanent cosmetics is cosmetic tattooing. Like all tattoos, it is permanent; however, also like all tattoos, it will soften and fade with time. Longevity of the appearance of permanent cosmetic makeup can be affected by sun exposure, skin products, and the natural aging process. It is also possible that a person's health profile may have some affect as well. Periodic color touchup appointments can keep the color looking fresh and timeless.

Is it Painful?

Sensation may vary by individual and by procedure. Clients can be confident knowing that permanent cosmetic professionals are well versed in the use of topically applied products to minimize discomfort for even the most sensitive client.

The Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics represent an investment in your appearance. People with unsteady hands, less than perfect vision, or a demanding lifestyle need not struggle with the extra time and effort required to apply topical makeup. Reapplication throughout the day will no longer be required to maintain the desired makeup look and overall appearance. When your face is radiantly fresh with permanent cosmetics, mirrors become an unnecessary accessory.

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